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    Published: 2012-06-26, by Manu Galvez.

    Smart Screen Off uses the proximity sensor to turn the screen of and on automatically

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    "Turn over to lock your device"

    Quoting Smart Screen Off developer (AndroidHD) "there are some devices that don't have any physical button on the front screen to lock/unlock screen (for example, Galaxy Nexus). Smart Screen Off has been developed in order to make it faster and comfier.

    Enable the app by launching it on the app drawer. It will remain enabled and visible in your status bar until you disable it again. Once enabled, turn over your Android device on the table or simply put the it into your pocket. It automatically will remain locked until you "unblock" the sensor, that's it, when you pick your device from your pocket.

    This feature is built-in on SGS3 and other high-end devices. However, if you don't have any of that devices, this app is a good alternative. It does what it says, and it does it pretty good (we had no issues either on a SGS Custom ROM ICS 4.0.4) nor a Desire HD.

    The only catch: in the Lite version you cannot set anything, if you want to try features such as: start on boot, hide icon, hide notification messages, enable/disable on shake... and many more, you should get PRO version. Business is business. Anyway, good toggle-app.

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    Jun 26, 2012


    Smart Screen Off is the free version of Smart screen off PRO which includes a lot of cool features!

    ************ DESCRIPTION *************

    Smart Screen Off LITE it's a simple and light app which uses the Proximity Sensor built in your Android smartphone to turn the screen off and on automatically


    ************** REASON ****************

    I decided to code this app when I bought my Galaxy Nexus: this device doesn't have any physical button on the front screen. Being a quite huge phone, it's quite difficult to press the "turn off" button every time I wanted to turn it off and on. So I needed a way to turn the screen off every time I put it into the pockets and off when removed.


    ************ HOW IT WORKS *************

    The app itself is a toggle button, to switch it on just press the App Icon. Then every time you put the phone into your pockets the screen turns off.

    If you put the smartphone upside down on the table, the screen turns automatically off.

    NOTE: It doesn't lock the screen (just like in a call)


    ************ REQUIREMENTS *************

    In order to use Smart Screen Off LITE, you need to have a phone with Proximity Sensor (nowadays every smartphone incorporates one).


    **************** TAGS ****************

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