Smart Toggle

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    Smart Toggle Pro Widget provides you a fast way to turn on/off the functions in common use, such as WiFi,Data Traffic,Blue Tooth,Airplane mode,Screen Rotation etc.

    It is small, elegant, easy to use. no background services, no network access, and has the most comprehensive switch.You almost can quickly switch or control any system settings.

    It has a powerful interface to customize the features, you can customize your widget elements using its setting panel.
    In addition you can also scheduled turn on/off some settings elements to make you life more easy.

    Current Version Supported Toggle Actions:

    1. WiFi
    2. Blue Tooth
    3. GPS
    4. Airplane Mode
    5. Data Traffic
    6. Sound
    7. Alarm Clock
    8. Auto-sync
    9. Brightness
    10. Auto rotate
    11. Screen Always On
    12. Scan Media.
    13. 3g On /off
    14. Battery
    15. Flash light on / off
    16. WiFi Hotspot
    17. Bluetooth tethering
    18. USB tethering
    19. Volume
    20. Task Manager
    21. NGC Toggle
    22. Memory Use
    23. Pattern Lock /Unlock
    24. Mount SD Card

    How to add Smart Toggle Widget to your home screen?
    - Long press on your home screen in Smart Toggle Widget. Press the Smart Toggle Widget option and choose the widget. Make sure you have enough room for the widget.

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