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    Smart Torrent Finder is a good torrent tool which can help you find torrent quickly and download the torrent. It is very simple and easy to be mastered.

    Let me tell its key features to you.

    1. If you have download torrents before and you store it in your mobile phone, when you open this app and you can find it and touch it, then it will be downloaded automatically.

    2. If you want to find other torrents such as movie torrents and music torrents, you can click the SEARCH button. You can use Fenopy or the PirateBay or isoHunt to find torrents. Input key words in the key words bar and touch the SEARCH button. You will get the connection of key words. Choose the one you like.

    3. You can download the torrent and then you can download the whole file.

    4. In the download page, you can check all the information of the file such as the size, name, format, and so on.
    7. If you have a call when you are downloading a file, you can stop it. This app supports continuing downloading.
    9. There is a log and you can see the download progress in "log" page. It will tell you which step it is going. It includes all file information in the log.

    Smart Torrent Finder is a free torrent searcher and it also can be called a free torrent downloader in a way.

    There are more and more music torrents and movie torrent as well as other torrents on the internet. If you want to download torrents quickly, you must need a good torrent finder and downloader.

    Although Smart Torrent Finder is called a finder, it also can download torrents from internet quickly. It has the ability of finding and downloading torrents. Therefore, it is one of the best torrent finders for android. I hope it can help you when you need to find torrents.

    A torrent file stores metadata applied for BitTorrent. It is defined in the BitTorrent specification. A torrent is the data about a target file, though it contains no information about the content of the file. The only data that the torrent contains is information about the location of different pieces of the target files. Torrents work by separating the target file into small information chunks, found on an unlimited number of hosts. Through this method, torrents are able to download large files in a fast way. When a client has initiated a torrent download, the chunks of target file that are needed could be found easily, depended on the data from the torrent itself. Once all the chunks are downloaded the client could assemble them into a usable form.

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