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    Published: 2015-10-01, by .

    Track your phone usage and change your phone's settings

    • Rules are easy to create and delete
    • Great looking app
    • Drains battery fast
    • Can't silence notifications
    • Outdated app

    "Manage your phone while on-the-go"


    SMARTACTIONS, from powerhouse phone maker Motorola, looks to help you make intelligent decisions on-the-go, checking where you are, if you’re driving, and even how you use your phone. For example, if you connect to your Wi-Fi connection at work, SMARTACTIONS will place your phone on silent and will also pull up your preferred productivity app. You’re always in charge, so if you don’t want this app to make a change, just eliminate the configuration setting.


    Once you configure the app, SMARTACTIONS becomes an awesome companion app. New rules are easy to create as well as delete. The app looks and feels great.


    SMARTACTIONS is a battery hog. You also can’t silence notifications, a not-so-smart omission. It’s been quite a long time since the last update. GPS functionality doesn’t work as well as it should, sometimes placing you in random locations on Google Maps.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Oct 01, 2015


    Whether you want to extend your battery life or get help staying focused on the road when you’re behind the wheel, SMARTACTIONS can help. With this unique app, you can mastermind your phone settings, so your smartphone is optimized for your life. The app is also intuitive. SMARTACTIONS will offer up suggestions for different settings changes based on how you use your phone.

    *Extend your battery life*
    The SMARTATCTIONS app has different battery saving rules that keep you in charge of your charge. The Battery Extender rule, for example, recognizes when your phone is sitting idle and conserves power. Don’t worry—calls and texts always come through. And, the Low Battery Saver rule will pay attention to how much charge your battery has, and change settings to conserve what’s left.

    *Location, location, location*
    SMARTACTIONS can make changes based on where you are. When certain Wi-Fi connections are recognized, SMARTACTIONS can make changes based on that location. For example, arriving at your office could prompt putting your ringer on silent and pulling up that productivity app that really gets things done.

    *Completely custom*
    It’s your phone; customize it to fit your life. Do you like your display turned down and your ringer turned up when you get home? SMARTACTIONS can remember that and do it for you. Or, maybe you like to see maps and GPS when you step into your car. Yep, SMARTACTIONS can help there too.

    SMARTACTIONS is intuitive. As you go about your day, it learns how you interact with your phone and makes suggestions that help you spend less time managing your smartphone and more time enjoying it.

    *You’re in control*
    This app will offer to help you and make suggestions for rules—but it will never make changes until you say so.

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