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    Let's talk a name to make a call! !
    When you're in a hurry, when your hands are busy, when you can not enter an address book, and so on ... When can not take one's eyes off

    You can make a phone call in the voice and easy operation! ! It is SmartVoice9

    Three features of SmartVoice9
    ①I make a phone call by voice

    ②Speed phone number you want to make call

    ③Touch dial the phone quickly hung

    I want you to remember, fun features

    ①. To choose from among the plurality of search results speaks the number as follows:
    "0" number zero
    "1" number one
    "2" number two
    "3" number three
    "4" number four
    "5" number five
    "6" number six
    "7" number seven
    "8" number eight
    "9" number nine

    [Limited functionality]

    One. May not correspond to the contact book app that you downloaded in response to contact book that comes standard with Android device
    (Check the specifications of the phone book application you downloaded your)
    2. Sometimes words are not recognized correctly in your environment by voice input
    3. Search of the name (Please use the name on the check well you have registered contact book) are compared with "Kanji" and "phonetic" Book contact
    4. Internet connection is required. We recommend that you use after the contract, such as unlimited packet because packet communication fee is charged.
    5. Terminal language book app is only available for Japanese, English.
    6. Android 2.2 or higher version available.
    7. Please use at least 480 × 800 screen resolution.

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