SMS Auto Forwarding




    Do you want to know who have sent SMS to your boyfriend or girlfriend?
    And What are they talking about?
    This application could help you to realize that effect.

    Download this app to phone.
    Enter the user interface and do some settings.
    First,enable the start forwarding SMSes.
    Second,set the destination number.This number is the one which forward the SMSes to.If you install this app to the phone of your boyfriend,you could set your phone number as the destination number.
    Last,forward only the messages sent from the address book contacts.

    OK.I have to admit it is a good tool to ensure healthy relationship.
    Dare to take this challenge?
    Come on,my friends,you will LOVE,LOVE and LOVE it as long as you have a try!

    If you love it,please drop your comments and 5 stars here!
    Any problems,welcome to email us!!!

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