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    You have surely experienced the following case:
    searching for an important SMS among the hundreds of old/undeleted SMS's. The real answer is: SMS Filter app.
    It would be so cool to handle (BROWSE, EXPORT, DELETE) e.g.
    - all SMS's about salary
    - all SMS’s about your shopping this month
    - SMS’s from a friend the last six months
    - etc.
    You can set up your filters individually.
    It’s possible to switch them on/off.
    Filter criteria are phone number, SMS text or a part of them, and date of SMS.
    More criteria can be joined together and their number is unlimited.
    e.g: you are looking for all of SMS's, which are received from 06101234567 the last six months and contain the words "bank" and/or "US".

    Create filters with SMS Filter and enjoy the clear view about your SMS’s!

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