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    Worried about security of your private messages? We can offer the solution! SMS Vault is a highly secure private vault that locks your private messages on your mobile, retaining the privacy of all your messages that is sent using this application. It offers a complete control on your messages that you wish to hide from being viewed by others. In case you send any message using this native app to any private number, the app will instantly divert that message to the SMS vault’s private box instead of sending it to native inbox.

    Core Features
    • Can mark any number from the phone directory as private
    • Chats and threads are moved to pattern secured private box
    • Notification on incoming messages can be enabled or disabled
    • Offer pattern based security, which can be changed
    • Dialog on incoming message can be enabled or disabled
    • Option of custom message setting by the user for notification of incoming message
    • Pattern recovery is possible via email to the configured email address

    Value to Users
    You get a clean and user-friendly UI with highly secure SMS vault that can keep your messages safe and secure without being visible to anyone. Once you add any thread to the private box contact, all the future messages goes automatically to the private box considering it as private!
    No more slogging to keep your secret just within you!

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