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    New SMS will auto-popup and auto-speak-out.

    You can turn-off auto-speak-out: inbox/jobs/auto-speak-out:OFF


    1 SMS:contactsManager(fully control of phone book,save to text file to SD, append from SD text file....) ,
    2 SMS to multi-recipients,
    3 can control text-size
    4 can control text-color
    5 all Text entered will be auto saved, will not lose if any disruptions occur.
    6 small is good. not like others take up Mega bytes storage.

    9s_SMS is a SMS receiver/sender, Contact/PhoneBook Manager,
    once a new SMS coming in, it will spring out an dialog to show the Message, even it is not in use(incoming SMS will trigger it to auto-start-up).
    with multiRecipients...small in size with extra-functions...
    9sSMS can export contact/phonebook to SD as text file for modifying and can be import to append to current PhoneBook.
    You can even write a new contact file and then import to append to the current phone book. Contact/Phone book is with the format of lines of "name:mobile"....
    9s_SMS is a SMS broadcasting app which you can add as many recipients as you like, just like using E-mail. You can load the message from file in SD card, and you can save the message (you sent) to SD card for later use...All incoming SMS and SMS sent messages are automatically appended and saved to inbox.txt, sentbox.txt
    1. click\"+Recipients\" to pick recipients
    2. All In/Sent SMS are auto save to SD,
    not to care SMS numbers limit
    main directory: SD/9s_sms

    3. Export all Contacts to SD/9s_sms :

    file format as :
    (1person:1mobile)per line
    (can freely add/del/change,then import to add to the existing phonebook)
    4. Import Contact(add): from any txt file in the above format
    5. Add New Contact: Manually add a friend
    6. Del Contacts: manually del contacts
    7. Open File: read in SD txt file as sms
    8. Save File: Save SMS Message as template,draft for later reuse.

    It's small in size, but can do almost all those huge app can do.

    We do not collect any user information!

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