SMS@Email is a high utility mobile app for Android users. It notifies users via Email for Missed calls or SMS received when their phone is unattended. It is very useful for users who leave their phone behind while travelling and also for those who accidentally leave their phone at home while going out. Users can also respond to the callers by replying to the notification mail which is sent as SMS to them.
    SMS@Email thus helps users stay connected with their phone despite being away from it.

    Target users:
    • International traveler(s) who need to leave their phones behind to avoid high roaming cost
    • People who forget to carry their phones
    • People whose phones get stolen/lost
    • People whose work places restrict smartphone usage for security reasons

    Purpose of the app:
    To notify the user(s) through mail about the Missed calls and SMS when their phone is unattended.

    USP of SMS@Email:
    Users can reply to the notification mail coming from the app and it will be sent in the form of SMS to the recipient. It allows users to communicate through their phones even while not having it physically.

    Key requirements for using SMS@Email:
    • The sender E-Mail and Recipient E-Mail(s) should be configured correctly
    • The app service should be turned ON.
    • The phone should be ON and should have active cellular and internet connection

    Features of SMS@Email:
    1) Auto-response configuration
    Various options for sending auto response for the missed calls and SMS are-
    • Auto Response text information
    • Auto Response Unconditional
    • Auto Response after match in address list
    • Add specific number Filter (Action on specific number match)

    2) Log View
    For viewing the logs of different phone events (Missed call/SMS) and application actions corresponding to them. Application supports classical view and tree view for logs.

    3) Email forwarding configuration
    Various options for for sending alerts for Missed Call/SMS
    • Forward Unconditional
    • Forward after match in address list
    • Forward after matching specific numbers

    4) General Features
    • Register recipient Email addresses
    • Send Incoming SMS and Missed call notifications to registered E-mail IDs
    • Remote SMS Sending by replying on the mails received using this app
    • Only 10 phone events to be notified for a day in free version

    5) SMS@Email Pro Features
    • Forward Incoming SMS and Missed call notifications to registered phone numbers
    • Remote activation and de-activation of service using secret SMS command
    • Branding of notification E-mails and SMS by changing name and logo
    • Notification mails and SMS for unlimited number of events
    • Fully ad-free application

    Note - Support for MMS is not available in current release but will be offered in future.

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