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    Scott Hininger is an agricultural and horticultural educator for the Sheridan County (Wyoming) Cooperative Extension Service. One part of his job is helping the public in Sheridan identify weeds, pests, invasive species, and the like. If you want to get Scott’s advice about a problem on your property, you can download and install this free app, then use it to snap a picture that will get sent directly to Scott for his review and analysis.

    On installation, the app will ask you for a return email address and your name and phone number, so Scott can get back to you with your answer or follow-up questions. Then, instead of using your built-in camera app to take your photo, use this SnapTo Scott app. Capture your picture, use the optional Notes feature to add information or ask a specific question, and hit Send to shoot an email with your photo attached off to Scott.

    If you want to get in touch with Scott directly, use the Menu key to bring up the About box. There you’ll find Scott’s phone number (which can be dialed directly from the app) and email address.

    If you would be interested in having an app like this published for you, please email us at and include 'SnapTo' in your subject line.

    Recent update summary:

    * The email retrying service will now restart after the phone reboots; you won’t have to manually retry after you turn your phone off.
    * To improve speed and reliability, we’ve made the EXIF-writing feature a preference that is turned off by default. This feature allows us to correct the date/time for a few phones that don’t set it correctly. Only if you notice date/time problems, turn this feature on and try it.
    * Users are now informed if location tracking is disabled on their phone.

    * Added Retry All and Resend All buttons to the Outbox.
    * Added progress dialog to be shown after Capture before Send is enabled. Some phones take an appreciable amount of time to process the image after Capture is pressed. This progress dialog will help the user know the app is ready for Send to be pressed.

    * Changed the default subject line and the name of the photo file to reflect the sender's identity rather than the product name.
    * Added support for 7 digit (local U.S.) phone numbers.
    * Allow the app to be moved to an SD card.
    * Changed the location of outbox data on the phone to prevent missing images.

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