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    You don't need to carry paper form of your favorite music sheets with you, nor buy electronic version of music sheet. Just create your favorite song using phone build-in camera and play as many time as you want. It also simplifies scrolling of the song during play, as you don't need to turn page by page. Support repetition, coda, and song sharing, automatic fragment recognition. The song definition is based on provided image from build in camera or files system. Because of that it is usefull to capture sheet using build in camera from music magazine or any other paper form.The application is intended to be helpful on small displays where full size music sheet is not readable.

    It is suggested to use it for one/two page song. For longer sheets it could be used only if measure has same width as the tempo is setup for whole song.

    There is also companion applicaton for PC which helps with song preparation. Check If you miss any function please let me know.

    payed(PRO) version allows to:
    - share song
    - experimental automatic fragment recognition
    - remove ads

    To setup your first song just follow these steps:
    - create new song, setup name, and directory
    - capture sheet using build in camera or take it from filesystem
    - use edit button to edit song page
    - draw fragments=rows and align height, width of the music rows.
    - define repetition, coda, etc, if needed.
    - return to previous page and using play song, scroll prepared song.
    - setup tempo and press play

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