Sony Xperia S Desk Clock




    Have you seen the Xperia S Desk clock in ICS? Its beautiful. To launch it you have to launch the clock app and then the icon on the bottom left.

    Until Now

    Xperia Desk Clock launches the Sony app directly.

    NOTE: This only works for the Sony Xperia S using the factory ICS ROM. (thanks gibbylinks)

    I plan to use this in 2 ways, either through LiveWare to launch it when a charger is connected, or via a SmartTag (see my other apps for making these)


    Oh, if you dont have an Xperia S, this will not work for you.

    Oh, and just for clarity, I didn't write the clock, only the ability to directly launch the clock. Credit for that goes 100% to SONY

    Also note, this only works on Sony Xperia S phones. Please don't leave a 1 star review if it doesn't work on you SK17i (SX Mini Pro). You know who you are :)

    That also applies to the Samsung S3, Mr Frenchman : )

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