SOS Whistle




    SOS Whistle
    ・Whistle feature
    ・Wright function (boot from menu button)

    The whistle sound is played when pressed.
    stop if you press the button again.

    When you start the application of SOS Whistle
    Whistle sound when a button is pressed so
    Will play. If you stop playing again

    If the stop button.
    You can write function is selected by pressing the
    MENU button on the terminal.

    Will feature light instead of light is a white screen.
    ECS system to select the site and emergency contact
    network introduces ECS
    About the site appears.

    Yobuko whistle whistle both adults and children for
    a disaster
    The disaster site and rescue / security woes

    Ask for help when a disaster and nobody even noticed
    Moraezu out loud Rather than be exhausting.
    Please ask for your help to rescue workers and nearby
    people with this app.

    I feel we have created this application is required under
    the East earthquake.
    The earthquake in the East who are the victims We
    sincerely condolences.

    ・SoftBank 001HT
    ・SoftBank 003SH
    ・SEMC Xperia
    ・SEMC Xperia Arc
    ・SEMC Xperia Arco
    ・SEMC Xperia play
    ・SEMC Xperia ray
    ・Samsung Galaxy S2 (SC-02C)
    ・Samsung Galaxy S
    ・Samsung Galaxy S2 (GT-I9100)
    ・Samsung Galaxy NEXUS
    ・Fujitsu Toshiba REGZA Phone T01C
    ・Sharp Aquos
    ・Sharp Lynx 3D SH-03C
    ・Optimus chat L-04c
    ・Optimus Pad L-06C
    ・Motorola Xoom
    ・Motorola RAZR

    The SOS whistle app, Please note that it does not guarantee the safety of the user.

    Produce by Garage High Five

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