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    Source Code Translator is a source code viewer that can show you the source code of a file or program.

    Sometimes you want to see the source code of one program. However, you are not a professional and you don’t understand C language. How can you solve this problem? Source Code Translator is the answer.

    Do you want to know its key features? Now we talk about it.

    1. Source Code Translator is a free source code viewer in android market.

    2. It can support syntax highlighting. It supports all C-like, Bash-like and XML-like languages.

    3. It automatically selects the syntax depending on the file.

    The detailed information of this viewer:

    1. You have known that this is a free app for android mobile phone so that we don’t say this anymore.

    2. This source code is a powerful code translator. It supports languages such as C, C++, Bash and XML and the similar languages. Almost all the files and programs can be translated in this app.

    3. After you choose one file or program, it will choose the syntax on the basic of the file automatically. Although you are not a professional, you still can see the source code.

    4. You need touch the MENU button, and then you will see OPEN. Touching it and then you can choose the file or program you want to translate.

    5. You can use the SEARCH button to look for the file and program. What you need to do is just input its name. Then the system will search the file or program and show it to you.

    6. After you choose the file well, the viewer will show you the source code immediately. You can touch the MENU button and see the SELECT. Using this button, you can choose the content you want.

    Source Code Translator is a good source code view for the android mobile phones. It is a free one and it can supports almost all the languages. No matter what file or program it can show the source code to you. You will get a good app with taking any money.

    Source Code Translator can be used on your mobile phone, so that you can take it to any place. I know that you may be not a professional, but you will still get the source code of some file or program. Source Code Translator can let you show off before your friends.

    I know that this viewer is not the best in android market. In the next version, we will make it more powerful. There are many new functions that will be added in this app. At that time, it will be better to use. You can tell me your advice so that I can make this app better based on your advice. Please give me an e-mail.

    You should download and try this source code viewer.

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