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    This application is a pilot's tool. It easily breaks down the runway wind into headwind and crosswind components. Pages are also available to convert temperature from celsius to fahrenheit, calculate windchill factor, heat index, pressure altitude, density altitude, for both moist and dry air, true airspeed (TAS) mach number and speed of sound. It's easy to use with spinning reels to input data, which is instantly calculated and displayed.
    The calculator enhances, but legally cannot replace your approved paper charts and E6B -- for takeoff and landing, your legal performance procedures must be used. But, if the winds are strong, you can refine your calculations with Spin-a-Wind!

    Some notes on Spin-a-Wind:
    - For wind calculations, all values are rounded to the most conservative value, rounded up for crosswinds and tailwinds, and rounded down for headwinds. For instance, if the tailwind calculated to 9.1, then 10 will be displayed. If the headwind calculated to 5.8, then 5 will be displayed.

    If you are testing for zero in the altitude page, then understand that standard day, the pressure is actually 29.921 inches of mercury or 1013.2mb or hPa., so the calculator will not read zero altitude for 29.92 inHg or 1013 mb.

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