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    Spy is an existing job in movies. You need a spy camera if you want to be a spy. This app is a candid camera, you can use it without being noticed by other people.
    Features as a spy:
    1. Concealed. It is shown in the application page of your cell phone. This is not to be found by others.
    2. Black. This function is a second choice for concealed. You can click black to close this app and make screen black when you about to be exposed.
    3. Silent. The volume will be turned off when you open this app. So that you can take a picture secretly. For better use, you can enable vibrate in settings to let you know the picture has taken.
    4. Auto capture. Press the auto button to start this function. Auto capture delay can be set in settings. Two seconds min and 7 seconds max.
    5. Volume keys. Volume up and volume down are not volume keys in this app, they have their positions as a section of spy. For example, you can use volume up as single capture, start auto shot or start face shot and so on. Set them in advanced settings.
    Anyway, this app is a camera:
    This camera also can be used as a video camera. Press the video button to start this function.
    The camera can be switched if your cell phone has a front camera. Even the quality of photos has two options, lowest and highest, both back camera¡¯s and front camera¡¯s.
    As to the save, you can see the photos in the photo album and they are saved into sd card, too.
    It has two types of image capture resolution.
    Now, you can be a spy by make a good use of this spy camera. Friendly hint, it is better to use this app as a prank tool among friends. Do not capture others¡¯ privacy, this is illegal.

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