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    This software allows developers to view/edit their SQLite databases
    inside of their phone/tablet without having to copy the DB to their computer
    (and later needing to copy them back to their phone).

    It installs on your phone a Web Based SQLite Admin tool in which you can open from your computer.


    If you just want to see if this software works, download it, install on your phone,
    open it, start the server and go to "http://ip_address_of_your_phone:8080/" from your computer.
    If you have no internet, connect your phone with the USB cable and type "adb forward tcp:8080 tcp:8080".
    Afterwards, open http://localhost:8080/ from your computer.

    Now just create a database or play around with an existing one.

    To view/edit a database from an existing/your app:

    It is possible for you to view/edit a DB from an existing app, but you will need permissions for that.
    If you are rooted, just type:

    adb shell su -c chmod 777 /data/data/com.apkcreator.apkname/databases/ /data/data/com.apkcreator.apkname/databases/*

    hint: some apps make the DB not readable publicly every time they open, so be ready to type the command above many times.

    If you can't root, use your own app to make this folders and files public writtable.
    You may want to do this only on the debug version of your app.
    Afterwards, open SQLite Admin for Android, open the sqliteDatabases.sqlite3 database and
    add either the absolute folder path or absolute database path in the databases database.

    If you wrote the path correctly AND there are permissions, the DB will automatically appear.
    Warning: errors will only be shown if you close SQLite Admin for Android and open it again.

    An alternative to this software would be com.peculiarcat.sqlbride, which takes a different approach.

    Just like everything else, this software could not be done without the help of many:

    Android Server for PHP (com.esminis.server.php)
    phpLite Admin (original source code + some monkeypatch of mine) ( )

    This software was written on a plane :)
    This is actually a full blown single user PHP server on your phone. You can do whatever you want with it. Just check the www folder on your sdcard.

    This software is open source and it's code is available on GitHub:

    Marcos Diez ( marcos AT unitron DOT com DOT br)

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