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    Squealer is a no-frills app designed to receive notifications from Growl for Windows using a custom forwarder.

    In just a few too will be Squealing! Here's how:

    1)Buy and install Squealer
    2)Create a username and password on
    3)Enter the newly-created username and password into Squealer using menu->Account Info
    4)Optionally rename the device in the Squealer app using menu->Device Name
    5)Download and install Growl for Windows (if you don't already have it) from
    6)On your home computer where you have Growl for Windows installed, go to to allow Growl for Windows to install the (free) custom forwarder required for use with Squealer.
    7)Once the Squeal forwarder is installed into Growl for Windows, add the new Squeal Forwarder under the "Network" section of Growl
    8)Enter your newly-created username and password along with the name you gave your device and save it

    That's all there is to it! Just a few steps an you can be notified of anything that Growl for Windows receives notifications about...right on your Android Device!

    How to use Squealer:

    Squealer uses Google's Cloud to Device Messaging service (C2DM) to forward the Squeals to your there's no complicated IP address set-up or port forwarding or dynamic DNS to configure on your device just to stay connected to Growl. It just works!

    When Growl for Windows receives a notification to forward through the Squeal Forwarder, the Squeal is sent our server, which then immediately forwards it to Google's C2DM servers. Google's C2DM servers then send the Squeal to the account and device specified in the Squeal Forwarder (you can have multiple devices with different names and configure in Growl which notifications go to which devices).

    In the menu there are three options, "Account Info", "Device Name", and "Squeal Preferences". The first two are mentioned above. Squeal Preferences allows you to set a notification sound and manage if you want the device to vibrate or not when a Squeal is received.

    The notifications are received on your device and show up in your notification area. If you click on them they will take you to Squealer where you can read them.

    Currently you can only store the Squeals as received or delete them (long-press). If you want to do more then please send your feedback and/or suggestions to and we'll review them.

    You can manage multiple devices with just one Squealer account. No need to create multiple account names and passwords. Just re-enter your already-created account credentials and select a unique name for the device.
    You can even set up your forwarder in Growl for Windows to forward different Squeals to different devices based on the name of the device entered into that forwarding instance.

    Our servers do not store your notifications, they simply forward them at the time they are received to Google's C2DM servers for processing and sending to your device(s). Sometimes, if Google's C2DM service is unreachable or returns an error, the notifications are stored in a "pending" area and will be sent at a future time (as soon as Google's services are available again). Once successfully sent then are removed from the server. No human ever reviews them unless working on troubleshooting why the messages are not being successfully sent.

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