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    Stats of is a monitoring program to manage the device status.
    The following functions are provided.
    -. Task management (killing a process/task/service)
    -. Smart memory clearace
    -. Application management (the frequency of the application, information, launching, uninstall)
    -. Power management (Battery, Wi-Fi, GPS information and setting)
    -. Resource management(Check CPU, Memory, Storage usage)
    -. Device (Device information)

    In the process screen, You can check current running processes and kill(uninstall) the unnecessary applications.
    Furthermore, it provides smart memory clearance function to speed up of the device.
    -. Use long press to select all/deselect all.
    -. When system toggle button is on, all applications are displayed including system applications.
    -. Sorted by Name, Size
    -. When click the smart kill button, It kill all processes regarded as not valid.
    -. Save the check list to use next time.
    -. Process is composed of process, tasks, and service.
    -. Process : When the first of an application's components needs to be run, Android starts a Linux process for it with a single thread of execution.
    -. Task : A task is what the user experiences as an application.
    -. Service : A service doesn't have a visual user interface, but rather runs in the background for an indefinite period of time.

    In the Apps screen, It provides information of installed applications, and can uninstall or launch application easily
    -. Use long press to uninstall the program directly.
    -. It provides launched counts, size and installed date of the application.
    -. Launch count of the application can be initialized by user.
    -. Sorted by Name, Size, Running Counts, Date.
    -. When system toggle button is on, all applications are displayed including system applications.

    In the Power screen, It provides information about the battery, Wi-Fi, GPS, screen brightness and shortcut of related settings.
    -. Battery status
    -. Battery use information
    -. Wi-Fi status
    -. Wi-Fi On/Off Toggle Button
    -. GPS status
    -. Screen brightness information
    -. Shortcuts for Wi-Fi, Location, Display setting

    In the Resource screen, It shows CPU, memory, storage usages.
    -. CPU Usage
    -. Memory Usage
    -. External Storage
    -. Application Storage
    -. System Storage
    -. Cache Storage

    In the Device screen, It provides device information.
    -. Device information (Phone number, Network, Country, SIM, ...)
    -. Android, kernel version information
    -. Device, processor, display information

    [System monitoring service]
    System monitoring service is checking the available memory, battery usage, and running tasks by periods(default 10 seconds)
    It does not act while screen is off, so consume very low battery.
    You can turn off this function in the setting, but launch count will be not checked.
    -. Monitoring current running tasks
    -. Monitoring current battery usage
    -. Monitoring current memory usage

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