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    Steel Beams Bulk Checker is a fast & easy to use beam design & selection tool. It helps you find the best / optimal section for a given problem as well a quickly check for a particular section for suitability.

    Here you only need to enter:
    - Span
    - load type & value
    - Steel yield
    - Whether each beam's self weight should be considered.
    - Bracing

    The app will find all the sections that meet shear, bending & deflection criteria and present them in a searchable & sortable list! Select a section from the list and view the detailed results for that particular section

    The results can be sorted by weight, depth, inertia, moduli in ascending / descending order.

    You can literally obtain an optimal design in less than a minute as well as check of a given section meeting the design criteria.


    - Contains the latest AISC v14 Steel Shapes Database.
    - Supports both US Custom or Metric Unit systems.
    - Searchable & Sortable passing beams section.
    - Works with any Yield value up to 65ksi / 450 MPa, not limited to only 36 or 50 ksi.
    - Select whether or not the self-weight of each beam is to be considered.
    - Define bracing @ Beam Ends, Half or Quarter of span, or fully braced.
    - Solve for All, first 10 or 50 sections for a given type (in increasing weight order), saving calculation time for shape types with a large number of designations (W, HSS, 2L, etc)
    - All your preferences are instantly saved, no need to re-enter a value that does not change between problems.
    - Detail window reports max moment and shear, bending & allowed bending stress, shear & allowed shear stress, deflections and problem set-up summary.
    - ASD9 Solver
    - Include calculation of moment gradient coefficient or select the use of conservative one (Cb=1)
    - Solve for point load at mid-span, distributed load or enter your own shear & moment values* from more complex load cases
    - Ideal for students and professionals of the Architectural, Engineering & Construction industries!

    The application checks for bending & shear stresses as the passing criteria. It also reports deflections, it's up to the user, however, to decide whether the deflections are within acceptable limits for the desired application.

    Only singly or doubly symmetric shapes are considered, hence, single angles are not included in this release. Double angles (2L) sections are included BUT assumed to be under continuous contact.

    Whether you are in the field or in the office, we are sure that you'll find this app very useful.

    As always, GOOD engineering judgement & experience is needed when using engineering applications.

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