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    Stopwatch App

    Stopwatch App can give you a good stopwatch on your mobile phone. If you want to have free stopwatch, then it suits you well.

    Stopwatch App is very simple and easy to use. Now its key features:

    1. After you load in this app, if you touch the "start" button, the time starts running.

    3. When the "mark" button is clicked, a point-in-time can be recorded.

    4. When you touch the "reset" button, the time will become zero again.

    5. Touching "pause" button can make the running time stop immediately..

    When I was a child, I desired to get a stopwatch. But it was not worthy to buy one. It is still not worthy today. This is a dream. Now my dream realize for the help of Stopwatch App. It has the ability to make my mobile phone become one stopwatch. I am happy.

    Have you ever desired a stopwatch? I recommend this to you. I know there are many online stopwatch, and many desktop stopwatch. But we can’t take them everywhere and whenever. This free stopwatch for android can make it. Therefore, if you download and use it, it will not let you down.

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