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    Published: 2013-11-13, by Ana Gracia.

    Start, Stop and Count everything

    • Excellent design and usability
    • Works really well

    "Timing is Everything"

    Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer is a helpful application that will help you measure any type of activity in your daily life.

    Whether is sports, studying, playing or whatever, you just need to click the center button to start the stopwatch and tap it again when you're done. If you want to use the Laps List, which is perfect for sports, you just need to swipe left and see your statistics.

    Use the Timer to control your activities in a very easy way, you just need to set the time and reset it when you're finished.

    Javier Salmona is the developer of this Hybrid Stopwatch & Timer, a very complete app with 12 themes to customize the appearance. Other features include sending data via mail, multiple screens, ringtones and infinite lap counts.

    What we liked most about this excellent app is its incredible minimalist and well-organized designed. High usability as well.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Nov 13, 2013


    Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer is a simple, easy and accurate app for android that will help you to measure the time of any situation, like sports, cooking, games, education, etc.

    Stopwatch (Chronometer) mode:
    Start and stop the stopwatch pressing the button on the center of the screen, you can see the elapsed time on the top digital display and on the analog view like and old school stopwatch. To record a lap press the left button, a lap hand will be added to the analog view, and to reset press the right button. The buttons are placed to only use one hand.

    Laps List:
    You can access the lap list with the dropdown menu on the top or just sliding your finger to the left. On this lap list you can choose to see the lap time or total time. Lap List can be saved to the sd card, shared to social media or be emailed.

    Timer (Countdown) mode:
    Set the timer fast and easy, dragging the second and minute hands, or use the classic input method pressing the left button. To reset press the right button, one tap will restore the last used time, long press will reset the timer to 0.

    You can customize the alarm that goes off when the time is up, choose vibration, personalize sound, and alarm duration from 2 seconds to 30 minutes.

    This mode has a circular arc that helps to visualize the remaining time.

    Timer (Countdown) presets:
    Access the Timer presets with the dropdown top menu, or slide your finger to the left. Here you can create and edit your most used timers.

    The Stopwatch and Timer can also be controlled with the volume UP and DOWN keys, this option is available on the preferences screen.


    The design was made to make you feel that you are holding a real stopwatch and timer on your hands, with beautiful themes and animations.

    There are 12 themes to choose, with clean Holo android designs and classic retro.


    - Stopwatch (Chronometer) and Timer (Countdown) modes.
    - Digital and Analog feedback.
    - Infinite laps count.
    - Send laps trough email.
    - Stopwatch and Timer runs in background.
    - Color themes.
    - Supports multiple screens.
    - Customizable Alarm duration for timer.
    - Supports custom ringtones.
    - Multiple audio outputs (Ringtone, Media, Alarm).
    - Timer presets.
    - Control Stopwatch and Timer with volume keys.

    if you find any bugs, or get a Force Close please email me at with android version, app version and device.
    Suggestions are welcome too ;)

    Thank you!

    Russian (Thanks Igor)
    Estonian (Thanks Rivo)
    German (Thanks Marijo)
    Simplified and Traditional Chinese (Thanks Tianhao Wu)
    French (Thanks Yves Le Layo)


    VIBRATE: For buttons and timer alarm.
    WAKE_LOCK: Prevent device from sleeping.
    INTERNET: To display ads and update license.
    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Checks if the device has internet.
    DISABLE_KEYGUARD: Disables keylock to display alarm window.

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