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    Published: 2015-05-28, by .

    A great stopwatch app with loads of features

    • Loads of great features
    • A little unclear

    "Great Stopwatch App"


    Stopwatch is a great stopwatch app, with loads of features - for the most part its easy to use, however some parts of the app it is not immediately clear what they do/what they are for.


    Stopwatch has loads of great features. You save sessions, add laps, and it has a button that will display the time exactly when you pressed it for several seconds, so you can get accurate readings at any time. It also records your fastest lap, slowest lap, and median lap, and an average of the three.


    Some of the app is a little confusing at first - but for the most part everything takes only a little experimentation to understand.

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    by Oliver

    May 28, 2015


    This top rated stopwatch has had over 2.8 million downloads since 2013.

    Stopwatch has received praise from engineers, race coordinators and motor sport professionals for reliability, features and ease of use.

    This stopwatch has the unique feature of three separate recorded time views so that laps, splits and statistics can be shown separately in large clear font.

    Timing text can be resized using a pinch/zoom gesture.

    Stopwatch accurate to 1/1000th of a second, can handle hundreds of laps and can run to 99.9hrs.

    Unique Features
    • 3 x timer views via swipe gesture.
    • Resize fonts via pinch/zoom gesture.
    • Momentarily freeze a point in time on screen.
    • Commit laps on or after stopping.
    • Range: diference between fastest and slowest lap.

    Other Features
    • History
    • 1/1, 1/10, 1/100 & 1/1000 second precision.
    • Runs in background
    • Install stopwatch to SD card
    • Current lap time
    • Lap times
    • Split times
    • Point in time
    • Elapsed time
    • Average lap time
    • Fastest lap time
    • Slowest lap time
    • Precise to 1/1000 second.
    • Maximum duration 99.9hours.
    • Button sounds.
    • Optional warning on stopping timer.
    • Operates with side button.
    • Installs to SD card.

    Key Design Principles

    The stopwatch display is large and clear even in bright sunlight, a very important consideration for running,jogging, sailing, cycling and team games. The Stopwatch has multiple screens views accessed via a horizontal swipe.

    Stopwatch operates precisely to 1/1000 second via on-touch actions (not on-press). Nearly all other chronometers,stopwatches and lap timers on the Android market operate on press... these timers are not as accurate as Stopwatch since a press can take up to 1/3 second and yet a touch is instantaneous. Stopwatch has configurable precision and time correctly recorded in milliseconds as point measurements.

    This chronometer was designed as a track timer for runners; however we feel it is also ideal many other timing scenarios as follows:

    • Jogging stopwatch
    • Swimming stopwatch(coached)
    • General athletics split timer
    • Gym training
    • Circuit training
    • Treadmill timer.
    • Cycling split timer
    • Skiing timer
    • Cooking timer
    • Time out timer
    • Lecture timer
    • Workout timer
    • Fitness training
    • Meeting timer
    • Track lap timer for motorsports

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    Robert Bethune

    by Robert Bethune

    Oct 19, 2017  |  "Great"

    Good app. I use it in my science classes and love the retention function.

    Kantha Murugan

    by Kantha Murugan

    Jul 22, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Don't make it paid app. Please!!

    Thys Pretorius

    by Thys Pretorius

    Jun 24, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I used this app at the parkrun this morning. Worked great! Two suggestions: support for wired trigger like headset button, variable pitch for the tone deaf people like me.

    Shirley Njauw

    by Shirley Njauw

    Jun 01, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    Like the time lap

    King Cookie

    by King Cookie

    May 09, 2017  |  "Poor"

    Auto playing video ads for a stop watch? L m a o

    Kevin Clendenien

    by Kevin Clendenien

    Apr 10, 2017  |  "OK"

    Used this for a couple years, but video ads have made it very annoying. I'm uninstalling it today because I just had an ad display a pornographic image.