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    A strobe light app with a plethora of customizable options and easy to navigate User Interface. Illuminate your world with seven different strobe light themes each with their own unique style and custom features.

    Choose from over 140 different colors and eight different gradient styles. Alter the speed of the strobe light or change the duration the colors will appear. Whether you need a guiding light during a dark night or simply want to have some fun with your friends, this is the app for you!

    Classic Strobe Light: Includes the capability to adjust the durations of the white and black colors.

    Random Strobe Light: This random theme will cycle between sixteen different colors randomly! The colors can be narrowed down by clicking the star imbedded within the color. Press the star to turn a color on or off.

    Custom Strobe Light: This is the meat and potatoes of the app! Customize four strobe colors by choosing from 140 colors with nine different styles, including gradient styles! Eight different gradient styles are available to you or choose a simple one color selection. You may set the duration of each of your four colors for how long they will appear on the screen. Duration is unique to each color

    Shaker Strobe: This party strobe will flash as your shake your phone. It utilizes the accelerometer built into each android device to detect when the phone accelerates. When you shake the phone it will flash through any one of a 140 different colors. You may turn on the camera flash for this theme. The camera flash will work with most HTC Devices, Samsung Devices, LG Optimus One, and Xperia. If the flash doesn’t work, email me your phone device, I will work ASAP on updating the app to incorporate it.

    Flashlight Strobe: This theme is similar to classic strobe except you can strobe with your Device’s Camera LED / Flash. Enjoy one of the best Flashlight LED Strobe Lights on the market. The camera flash will only work with most HTC Devices, Samsung Devices, LG Optimus One, and Xperia. If the flash doesn’t work, please email me your phone device.

    Simple Flashlight: This theme will provide a flashlight that can turn off and on, press to turn on, bright white screen, bright white screen and flash light.

    Strobe Patterns: Pre made patterns! It consists of patterns such as Police Lights, Emergency Lights, Hippie Love, Halloween and Christmas.

    ** Other Strobe Light Patterns included :
    Rave Light - Cycles through rave colors from top to bottom then a random occurrence.
    Emergency Lights - Replicates Car Emergency lights for when you are in trouble and need help
    Police Lights and Firetruck / Fireman Lights - Fun to use around friends
    Halloween Light - Fading Orange and Yellow Colors
    Rainbow/Rave Strobe Light and Gradient Strobe Pattern : Cycles through the colors of the rainbow
    Christmas Lights : Cycles with fading Christmas Colors!
    Other effects include glowing, LED, and Gothic Lights

    *App allows user to adjust brightness of their phone for each screen through Menu Options

    -Camera Flash LED
    -Internet, Phone State, Network for Ad service. They will not effect app performance.

    I hope you enjoy the app! I will read feedback constantly and do my best to improve the app.

    WARNING: This application contains bright lights, bright flashing, and rapidly changing colors and images. Please do not use this app around anyone who is sensitive to strobe light effects. If you are sensitive to strobe light effects please refrain from using the app. Do not use this app if you have a medical condition that has high sensitivity to light or flashing colors. Therefore, being forewarned of the possible dangers associated with this mobile application, the creator, and anyone associated with the making of Strobe light Fantasy will not be held responsible for any damage, either bodily or to property, caused by the general use, whether appropriate or inappropriate, of this application. By downloading this app you accept these conditions.

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