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    StrokeKeyboard is simple, but powerfull keyboard.
    With it's system of 'strokes', writing of special characters has never been so fast! Write big, accented or special letters with one stroke instead of using shift buttons. Overlay window makes learning of using this method simple for everyone.

    Additional features:

    * Optimized for fast writing without typos
    * 2 skins with different variations available
    * 4 language layouts (US, Czech, Slovak, German)
    * Delete all/delete last sentence function (under backspace key)
    * Smiley support (under confirm key)
    * NO dictionary support yet

    To make a stroke pres the key, them move Your finger to some direction and on overlay window, which is shown, point the cursor to desired char. Then release the finger from display. After few moments You will be able to use this feature without even looking on screen. Check keys '.', ',', backspace and shift to find additional functions/or characters/

    To enable keyboard, go to 'Language and keyboard settings' and check StrokeKeyboard (You can also look at the settings below). Standard warning about collecting data will appear. This is normal. Then go to any program with text area. Long press the text area and in popup menu select 'Input Method'. Then select StrokeKeyboard from selection.

    In case of any issues or suggestions, contact me by mail. Any feedback is appreciated!

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