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    *** Notification : New name, SU Settings Changer!!! Please remove SU Settings General and SU Wallpaper Simple.
    The features of SU Settings General and SU Wallpaper Simple are integrated into SU Settings Changer.

    You may need to change the phone settings depending on your situation.
    And your usage pattern is different from the others.
    It has required you to be patient with such a annoying work until now.

    You shall be free from such a dull and repeated work by defining your situation and storing the settings for each situation with SU Settings Chanager.

    What is possible?
    - You can manage the settings depending on your situations(Home, Office, Meeting, etc.).
    - You can create your own mode(situation) and manages them.
    - The plug-in apps would be automatically executed whenever you switch among modes.
    - You can automatically block the incoming calls and text messages and control how to pick up or hang up the incoming calls depending on your situations.
    - Also, you can send your own response message via an IM messenger(Google GTalk, Facebook, Jabber, etc.) or Text message(SMS).
    - Event plug-in and Action plug-in apps

    What is plug-in?
    There are many needs for controlling the phone depending on your situations.
    Someone may want to change the volume of phone, others may want to manage the general settings of phone.
    SU Settings Changer has the plugin architecture which enables the app to be expandable by stacking up the small apps like LEGO blocks. A PlugIn app is regarded as a LEGO block.

    [Event Plug-in]
    To notify and change the active mode.
    1. Agenda Clock by SU Agenda Clock
    - To change the active mode depending on your schedule time.

    [Action Plug-in]
    To change phone settings and to block the incoming calls depending on the active mode.
    1. Display
    - auto-rotate, brightness mode, brightness, screen timeout and so on.
    2. Sound
    - silent mode, ringtone, notification sound, ring vibration, notification vibration, dialtone, audible selection, haptic feedback and so on.
    3. Volume
    - alarm, media, call voice, notification, ringtone, system and so on.
    4. Network
    - airplane mode, wifi*, mobile data(3G/4G)*, bluetooth* and so on.
    5. Wallpaper
    - various image type and an picture per a mode.
    6. Etc.
    - auto sync, GPS* and so on.
    7. Call Screen by SU Call Control
    - To design and display your own call screen.
    8. Call Block by SU Call Control
    - To block unwanted incoming calls and SMS with multi-level block list.
    9. Call Control by SU Call Control
    - To control calls by motions, such as shaking, flipping and getting close.
    10. Instant Messaging by SU Unified Messenger
    - To send a message through IM(Google Talk, Facebook, etc.)
    11. Text Messaging by SU Unified Messenger
    - To send a message through SMS.

    * It is depending on phone features and OS version.

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