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    This application is android version of Super PI which is used to test the performance and stability of your android device, by calculating π to a specified number of digits after the decimal point.


    * Calculate Pi using FFT and AGM, fast and reliable algorithm.
    * Optimize for most ABI(Application Binary Interface) including armeabi, armeabi-v7a, mips and x86.
    * Support pre-defined typical digits up to 4 million.
    * Easily share your results to friends by single click.

    Here is the result from my Galaxy Nexus, for your reference:

    ====CPU Information====
    Device Model: Galaxy Nexus
    CPU Type: ARMv7 Processor rev 10 (v7l)
    CPU Frequency: 1200MHz
    Number of Processor: 2

    ====Pi Computation Result====
    8K digits: 0.083 seconds
    16K digits: 0.175 seconds
    32K digits: 0.311 seconds
    128K digits: 1.671 seconds
    512K digits: 9.787 seconds
    1M digits: 24.251 seconds
    2M digits: 55.583 seconds
    4M digits: 130.073 seconds

    If you have any comment, please send to, thanks.

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