SuperGenPass is a different kind of password manager: instead of randomly generating and storing passwords, it combines a Web site's domain and your master password to generate a unique password for each Web site you visit using a strong crypto hash.

    This tool helps prevent cross-site password compromises by creating a different password for each site that you visit. A malicious or compromised site won't be able to use your password to get into any of your other accounts, as each password will be unique.

    This is the same algorithm as the one used on and is designed to integrate into the Android experience as much as possible.

    You can launch SuperGenPass straight from the web browser by long-pressing on the URL barshare pageSuperGenPass.

    This app also includes a strong PIN generation algorithm. It's a slightly modified version of RFC4226 HOTP (modified to work with domains instead of numerical counters) and is designed to never generate easily-guessable pins, such as 1234, 0000, 1985, 8675309, or 0007.

    This password generator is licensed under the GPLv3 (GNU GPL version 3).

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