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    What is SurfSafeVPN?

    SurfSafe VPN, Virtual Private Network, creates a 1024-bit encrypted “tunnel” connection through the public Internet protecting all of your sensitive data being sent from your computer, iPad and Smartphone.

    What is PhotoShield?

    PhotoShield is provided for free with every purchase of the SurfSafeVPN. PhotoShield scrubs all of the GPS data attached to photos and videos uploaded to the Internet. This makes it impossible for hackers/stalkers on the Internet to find information about you and your family through the pictures and videos that you post to your favorite social media and picture hosting sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

    Why have SurfSafeVPN/PhotoShield accounts?

    * Surf the web anonymously with a new IP address every time you connect to the Internet.
    * Bypass websites (Hulu, Pandora, Facebook, YouTube) that are blocked in certain countries/geographical restrictions.
    * Bypass country/geographical restriction on Skype and other VOIP services.
    * Protect your wireless connection (Wi-Fi) at home and at public Hotspots.
    * Gain access to US sites while abroad.
    * Prevent online identity theft.
    * Safely do online shopping and online banking.
    * Completely scrub all GPS data from you online pictures and videos.
    * Securely transfer your sensitive online data.
    * Connect to both domestic and international servers.
    * Bypass Internet restrictions in both China and the Middle East.
    * Regain peace of mind while on the Internet.
    * Available on multiple operating systems and devices (Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and iPad).

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