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    Swapper for root user is on Google+!
    Add Swapper in your circle!

    Create, add and manage swap memory file without swap partition on SD.

    New awesome Material Design app with new features:

    - Root Checker
    - Swap usage with circular gauge
    - Memory usage with circular gauge
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    We are working to add another awesome tools and feature.

    Coming soon:

    - Task Manager

    With Task Manager you can kill another background app, so you can free more memory

    With our Settings page you can:

    - Activate swap file on boot
    - Choose swap file size
    - Choose swap file destination
    - Choose swappiness

    Swappiness parameter allow you to set how your android device use swap: higher value swap much more, lower value swap less. Default swappiness value is 60. Max value is 100.

    Open Beta:

    send your feedback to info(at)

    Reconfigure if you must change swap size.

    Need Root and kernel swap support.
    NO Need swap partition on SD!
    This program do not partition the SD card.

    The Internet and Network State permission is used by Google Play Services to show ads.

    twitter: @azatoth77

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