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    SWifis. Wireless Auditor. (Ad-Free) Scanner, WarDriving & Reaver

    The main features are :

    * Wireless Network Scanner and the access to wireless open networks.
    * Reaver. Automatic key injection using Dictionary for Wireless Networks.
    * WarDriving. Do not let it escape the location of any wireless network.

    ** Wireless Network Scanner.

    The main features are the wireless network scanner and the access to wireless open networks. The scanner basic functionality are autoscan fast and slow, normal scan on demand, turbo scan, looking for types of networks, types of encryption to seek, search for channels, search for ESSID, search for BSSID, search by signal strength, search for WPS, search for ESS, sound to warn filtered networks, a network connection status and a description of wireless networks.

    In order to connected to open networks click on the open network, for other wireless networks invoke to setup wifi. It also saves the list of networks obtained a CSV file in the root scard through the menu.

    ** WiFiReaver. Automatic key injection using Dictionary for Wireless Networks.

    The main features are the Wireless Network scanner, wireless open networks, and automatic key injection using dictionary for Wireless Networks. Works with Wireless Networks with encryption type WEP, WPA and WPA2, and located on the SD Dictionaries plain text with line break for each key. Is connecting to open networks by clicking on the open network.

    Audits Wireless Networks without the Aircrack-ng suite, or wireless cards support monitor mode, no clients connected, not capture handshake, and not capture ARP's.

    Its operation is based on checking one by one from the key found in the selected dictionary, against the selected AP. Select the dictionary located in the SD, also select the AP to audit, click on "Start" and begin the process of automatic key injection.

    The automatic key injection, terminates if the key is to get the correct IP address and connection to the AP, or when the end of dictionary selected, or manually by selecting 'Stop'.

    If the Log option is enabled, generates a text file named ESSID.log at the root of the SD, where keys are stored injected Wireless Network, and the results of its testing in the router.

    If the Turbo option is enabled, the scanner speeds and automatic injection keys using dictionary for Wireless Networks.

    Show details of the Wireless Network: ESSID, BSSID, Frequency, Channel, RSSI, and the type of authentication and encryption.

    Tool for recovering WEP, WPA and WPA2. Always change the default settings of the applications or services that we use, especially access data such as passwords to the default.

    ** WarDriving. Do not let it escape the location of any wireless network.

    A simple application for Wardriving anywhere in the world. Do not let it escape the location of any wireless network.

    The main functions are:

    * SQLite Database to track and locate Wireless Networks.
    * Wireless Networks statistics stored in the Database.
    * Update GPS data received every second.
    * Accelerated Scanner on nearby Wireless Networks.
    * Statistics on nearby Wireless Networks.
    * Notification service running in the background.
    * Export KML files in the SD (for importing into Google Maps/Earth,, ...)
    * Export CSV files in the SD (separated by commas to Excel, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, ...)
    * Total elimination of the data contained in the Database.

    The application uses data from GPS and Wireless Network scanner in combination to locate access points Wi-Fi, then save the necessary data in a database which can then be exported to a KML or CSV.

    To obtain the necessary data Wireless Network, you must wait for the device to determine the current location through GPS.

    Excellent for WarDriving, and to scan lots of hotspots. If you Wardriving, you will not escape the location of any wireless network.

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