Switch Control Center




    In this app, you can control many other programs of your cell phone, turn on and off them.

    Open this app widgets as:
    *Press the menu button and open the ADD section
    *Click to open the WIDGETS part
    *Switch Control Center is in the WIDGETS, click it to make it show in the home screen.

    Functions of Switch Control Center:
    1. It includes several popular programs, such as Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile Network, Airplane Mode and Ringtone Mode.
    2. Press the button to open and close the certain programs.
    3. When you open the Airplane Mode, the cell phone will stay in the status of no signal. Wifi and Bluetooth and some other programs which need signal cannot be used then.
    4. Ringtone Mode include three modes: normal, vibration and silence. With this app widget, you can change it very quickly and conveniently.

    That is Switch Control Center, come to control your cell phone programs now! If you like this app, please give it five stars. Thanks for your support!

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