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    .Switch is an application for a smartphone to conserve power. Detects the on / off of the screen to control on / off 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi, sensors, automatic synchronization, etc. according to your settings. When the screen is off, you can conserve power by turning off communication and sensors.

    2.1-Operation setting
    [1]Bootup Application(Services start at boot:Y/N)
    [2]User OFF priority(Auto control the function of setting off:Y/N)
    [3]Ignore Incoming(Auto control of incoming:Y/N)
    [4]Auto-On conditions(ScreenOn/Unlock)
    [5]Auto-On delay time(0sec~10min)
    [6]Auto-Off delay time(0sec~10min)

    2.2-AutoSwitch Selection
    [4]Radio(AirPlane Mode)

    2.3-Notification Settings
    [1]Status bar

    3-How to use
    [1]Start app(Check "Application startup")
    [2]Select the settings various operating
    [3]Select the "AutoSwitch Selection"
    [4]]Select the "Notification Settings"

    [1]On / off 3G is supported by rewriting APN(Access Point Name).

    [2]On / off of the GPS is not on the specification of the OS. Features have been removed.

    [3]If this application has been killed by a task management application, will not operate properly, please exclude this application.

    [4]Problems and requests We will correspond as much as possible. However, hardware specifications for the terminal, OS, due to the environment, we may not be supported. In that case, sorry.

    5-OS support
    [1]Over Android 2.1(Eclair)

    6-Tested device
    [1]Sony Ericsson Xperia (OS version2.1-update1)
    [2]Sony Ericsson Xperia (OS version2.3.3)
    [3]Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray (OS version2.3.4)
    [4]SAMSUNG(Google) GALAXY NEXUS (OS version4.0.4)
    [5]NEC Casio MEDIAS ES OS version2.3.6

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