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    SwitchApps, the next level of your multitasking experience on android operator device.
    It will change your way of switching between apps easier and faster way.
    Let’s forget about the old and various steps before you get to the other apps

    1. Quickly switch between apps
    2. Swipe to close app
    3. Closing all apps by just one click
    4. Double click icon to open favorite application menu and you can customize what you need
    5. Quickly settings menu - WiFi, Mobile network, Bluetooth, Sound, Airplane mode, Screen brightness and Auto-rotation lock
    6. Turn screen off
    7. SwitchApps Icon Customization

    Multitouch Features:
    1. Swipe left or right, quickly switch running applications.
    2. Swipe down, quickly open SwitchApps settings.
    3. Swipe up, quickly go home.
    4. 2-finger long press, hide SwitchApps in notification bar.

    Soft Buttons Feature:
    It's designed to replace multitouch features for easy to use in a single hand. So, if you enable this feature, all of multitouch features except 2-finger long press will be disabled.
    (enable/disable Soft Buttons feature from SwitchApps Settings)

    1. Long press on the icon to quickly go home.
    2. Double click icon to show Soft Buttons.
    3. Press left or right arrow to quickly switch running applications.
    4. Press screen off icon to turn screen off.
    5. Press setting to open SwitchApps settings.
    6. Press middle circle to directly go home.

    Pro Features:
    1. Changeable action of 1-click.
    2. Changeable action of double-click.
    3. Changeable action of long-click.
    5. Multitouch features and Soft Buttons feature can be enabled at the same time.
    4. Changeable action of Swipe Left (Multitouch feature).
    5. Changeable action of Swipe Right (Multitouch feature).
    6. Changeable action of Swipe Down (Multitouch feature).
    7. Changeable action of Swipe Up (Multitouch feature).
    8. Auto light up bright option when screen turn on.

    Action list of 1-click, double-click and long-click
    1. Disable
    2. Recent Application
    3. Favorite Application
    4. Home
    5. Screen Off
    6. Hide SwitchApps
    7. Application Shortcut

    Action list of multitouch features
    1. Disable
    2. Recent Application
    3. Favorite Application
    4. Home
    5. Screen Off
    6. Previous Running Application
    7. Next Running Application
    8. SwitchApps Settings
    9. Hide SwitchApps
    10. Application Shortcut

    1. Android 2.2+

    How to uninstall?
    In case of you allow SwitchApps to turn screen off, you can't uninstall it with normal step.
    Just uninstall it through SwitchApps settings.

    Please Note… the purpose of this app is to make you access to many apps in the simple “switching” system.
    Don’t worry about the complicated step, because SwitchApps is just too simple to use.

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    raghav rajesh

    by raghav rajesh

    Apr 09, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I love the app very much but, 3 screenshot is different to swipe from 1st fav. Page

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Oct 01, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    5 STARS :: Get it if like me you can read > "Switch Apps" It's NAME is what I wanted it to do FAST & SIMPLE. Easy Peazee.. Kindly disregard these other ILLITERATE MORONS who make remarks about features more akin to a "Task MANAGER". Get it ? What a pack of retards. Hey it's FREE. Try it. I'm telling you if you don't like the task switch utility of ur current OS or,, LIKE ME,, just rooted a phone and then realized you have to go get a decent TASK SWITCHING APP - Hey friend, this is worth ur time checking out. It is NOT a task "manager". But if,, like me.. you don't want a bunch of rigamarole to toggle back & forth between two or three or four or however many apps you seem to frequently find urself using concurrently (( "concurrently">>that's :: AT THE SAME TIME, for those illiterate ingrates among ye.... hee-hee )) this is THE app.. I swear to you.. No fuss no muss.. Toggle ur heart out.. Ur gonna luv it ... Take care...god bless.. and have a good one friend.. Hope you explore this.. no kidding !! Oh yea, [EDIT] one more thing ::: in case it matters, the phone I installed this on is a Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE with Android 5.1.1 running inside of CyanogenMod Version 12.0 - Take Care.

    Trevor Wuoti

    by Trevor Wuoti

    Sep 15, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Not working as it should on Android 6. Was my favourite apps but after many reinstalls it stops displaying the icon. The solution is to not select the options but to escape by hitting back...

    naeem valjiwala

    by naeem valjiwala

    Aug 09, 2016  |  "Awesome"


    Jean François Queralt

    by Jean François Queralt

    Jun 24, 2016  |  "OK"

    The paid version has disappeared! Those of us who acquired the full version can't find it anymore on Google Play, leaving the advanced options out of reach. Kind of a joke of bad taste.

    elia nishku

    by elia nishku

    May 15, 2015  |  "Awesome"

    Good thanks...