.Switch is an application for a smartphone to conserve power. Detects the on / off of the screen to control on / off 3G, Bluetooth and WiFi, sensors, automatic synchronization, etc. according to your settings. When the screen is off, you can conserve power by turning off communication and sensors.

    2.1-Operation setting
    [1]Bootup Application(Services start at boot:Y/N)
    [2]User OFF priority(Auto control the function of setting off:Y/N)
    [3]Ignore Incoming(Auto control of incoming:Y/N)
    [4]Auto-On conditions(ScreenOn/Unlock)
    [5]Auto-On delay time(0sec~10min)
    [6]Auto-Off delay time(0sec~10min)

    2.2-AutoSwitch Selection
    [4]Radio(AirPlane Mode)

    2.3-Notification Settings
    [1]Status bar

    3-How to use
    [1]Start app(Check "Application startup")
    [2]Select the settings various operating
    [3]Select the "AutoSwitch Selection"
    [4]]Select the "Notification Settings"

    [1]On / off 3G is supported by rewriting APN(Access Point Name).

    [2]On / off of the GPS is not on the specification of the OS. Features have been removed.

    [3]If this application has been killed by a task management application, will not operate properly, please exclude this application.

    [4]Problems and requests We will correspond as much as possible. However, hardware specifications for the terminal, OS, due to the environment, we may not be supported. In that case, sorry.

    5-OS support
    [1]Over Android 2.1(Eclair)

    6-Tested device
    [1]Sony Ericsson Xperia (OS version2.1-update1)
    [2]Sony Ericsson Xperia (OS version2.3.3)
    [3]Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray (OS version2.3.4)
    [4]SAMSUNG(Google) GALAXY NEXUS (OS version4.0.4)
    [5]NEC Casio MEDIAS ES OS version2.3.6

    In this application, which includes advertising module of mediba Corporation. Your user information will be used in advertising in a way that does not personally identifiable.

    The user information will include the following.
    -history information(click history / browse ads in this application)
    -Terminal identification Information(Android ID)

    In addition, customers can refuse to deliver ads that are based on these information even after the download of this application. For more information, please refer to privacy policy( ).

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