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    Thank you for choosing Swix Wax Tip, the application that provides recommendations and instructions for applying wax and prepping your skis. Tips are based on where you are, or where you want to be. And of course, it's free.

    New/fine grained snow
    New snow: Snow fallen within the last 3 days.
    Fine grained snow: Some time has passed since last snowfall. Fine grained snow has somewhat rounded crystals than new snow. The tip will be the same for new and fine grained snow. Sometimes we will recommend a harder (colder) wax for new snow compared to fine grained snow. The biggest challenge will always occur around zero degrees celcius.

    Coarse grained snow - in both cold and warm conditions
    Transformed snow, snow crystals that have been exposed to melting (above freezing) and freezing on one or several occasions.

    Simple wax tips
    A good option for everyone looking for good grip and glide the fastest and simplest way.

    Advanced wax tips
    Wax tips based on additional equipment such as a waxing table and waxing iron. The wax will stick better to the ski base and will last longer.

    The first wax tip is always based on your location. The location service positions you within approximately 50 meters in populated areas, and slightly more in rural areas. Temperature and weatherdata is provided by

    Swix provides you with wax tips for both new/fine grained snow and coarse grained snow. If the snow sticks to the ski base or if the skis are slippery, we provide tips to rectify. The snow type can change locally and can affect the type of wax to use. Feel free to bring waxes for hotter and colder conditions to ensure an enjoyable day.

    If you are interested in seeing how to apply our recommended waxes, just tap the Instructions button to the right of the tip. We'll show you how to clean your skis, apply grip wax and gliders. You'll also see what kind of equipment you might need.

    Social media sharing
    Share our recommendations with your friends, tell them where you're going, where you are, and invite them to join.

    Search location
    Use the search field to find other locations and see what wax we recommend.

    Time and date
    Use the weather forecast from Meteorologisk Institutt to plan your next trip. Get a detailed overview of the forecast so you can bring all you'll need for your trip today or 3 days ahead in time..

    Should the forecast from Meteorologisk Institutt prove incorrect you can tap the Edit button. Override the weather, temperature and change skiing profiel to ensure you get the best wax tips.

    For more information, see wax manuals, and

    Enjoy your skiing. Regards, Swix.

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