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    Synkr allows users to synchronize their application data between multiple Android devices. Users will never again have to loose game progress or application configurations when moving between multiple Android devices. With the Synkr Cloud, users can seamlessly sync configurations between their Android mobile phones, tablets, and media devices.

    ** Synkr REQUIRES Root Access and Busybox to do it’s magic**

    *Unlimited server side storage
    *Sync an unlimited number of devices
    *Easy generation of sync codes from any existing device
    *Hard push all configurations to the cloud from any device
    *Hard pull all configurations from the cloud to any device
    *Remote deletion of account and saved configs from any registered device

    *Synkr is EXTREMELY time sensitive, please make sure your Clock and Timezone is in sync on all devices.
    *Only sync ONE APPLICATION when you "Register A New Device" or "Add A Device"
    *NEVER enabled more than 5 new applications per sync.
    *Use WIFI when syncing lots of applications.
    *NEVER sync multiple devices at the same time, (minimum 2-3 minute between syncs)
    *BACKUP YOUR DATA, while improbably, there is no 100% guarantee something nothing will ever go wrong.


    When I open the application, I just get a blank list with no applications...

    Verify that your root acces is working properly
    Verify that you have Busybox installed and working properly
    When I sync between devices, the wrong application version gets used, or nothing gets updated...

    Verify that the time and timezone is the same on all devices
    Install ClockSync or an NTP client to hard sync device times
    Make sure the applications are the exact same (Amazon Market VS Google Market apps may have different names)
    The application is just sitting there an doing nothing!

    Check the satus text about the status bar, the application is probably transferring validation data and working on determining what is old and what is new. Synkr is VERY cpu and bandwidth dependent, so it is not an easy task to check 40 applications and generate all of the verification material. Would you rather it be done fast or right? ;-)
    Check to make sure you have proper bandwidth to handle the uploads, EDGE data is no recommended. If you loose connectivity during the sync process, you may need to stop and restart the application.
    Try syncing just one application, if it works, all is well and you just need to give it time to do its magic, it may take several minutes.
    Worst case, stop the application and start over after you have verified data connectivity.
    The application {crashed, stalled, doesn't work, broke my phone, stole my girlfriend}!

    Don't just give us 1 star and scream We Suck! It's impossible for us to test every application, device, rom, and version and it's possible for problem to crop up one day. If anything unexpected happens, PLEASE open a support ticket from our website. We promise to get back to you with some kinda response in a timely manner. We can only fix problems if you let us know when they occur.
    If something goes sideways, you can always purge the server, clear the application data, and re-register into a new clean account.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many devices can I register with the application?
    We place no limits on the number of devices per group, or the number of groups that paid clients can sync.

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