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    *** In Development ***
    This app is still under development and will see frequent updates. Suggestions are always appreciated.

    *** Description ***
    SysLvl was designed to help Cable TV field technicians calculate signal levels from tap to tap.

    Does NOT help you steal cable services in any way.

    *** Progress of Development ***
    Create basic functional UI
    (done) - Splash screen
    (done) - help screen
    (done) - preferences screen
    (done) - system levels screen
    - geo notes screen
    - equipment screen
    - find a tech screen

    System Levels Functionality
    (done) - list of spans
    (done) - custom popup
    (done) - performs calculations
    (done) - updates database properly
    - handles self terminating taps
    - customize visible taps / cable

    *** Future (possible) Features ***

    ~Find a tech~
    When press this will notify the phones of techs in your system and notify them you wish to know that they are close. If they accept then the original tech will see a map of techs near by.

    Option - Search by X miles or Search for X closest.
    Option - Auto reply to incomming notifications.
    Option - Go off duty to prevent notifications.

    ~Equipment Manager~
    Will give the tech to ability to track his equipment such has modems and digital recievers. Will also be able to specify an email address to send stock requests to. This will utilize another barcode scanning app and the barcodes on the equipment.

    ~Geo Notes~
    This will give the tech the ability to leave notes based on gps location. The notes will be saved to the cloud and only be visible to tech within the same system.

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