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    Explore all features of your android device!
    Explore your system state better!

    The most complete Android system manager for all your phones and tablets! System Info integrates a task manager, system monitor, and detailed device information. Quick access of the basic system information for your Android platform, including information for CPU, memory, running processes and installed applications.


    1. You can get system and carrier information in SYSTEM INFO part.

    2. In HARDWARE INFO, you can get access to CPU, DISK.

    3. Memory and other information. If you want to get installed App information, just go into SOFTWARE INFO part.

    4. Running service and task, or process info can be available to you in RUNNING INFO part.

    5. Track the history all running apps and processes with helpful graphs.

    6. Want to have a view of your files? The FILE MANAGER can help you to get there.

    Today, System Info, a comprehensive utility for your Android device, comes here for free. This app allows you to take control of your phone. It can help you view your mobile information including software, hardware, running, system, and even your file system.

    Download System Info for free now!!!
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