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    A tally counter pro app. perfect for counting laps, reps, customers, inventory, amusement parks, traffic analysis, cigarettes or anything countable.

    Pro Features
    These features are available only in Tally Counter Pro, the paid version of the Free Tally Counter App.
    - No Ads.

    - Widgets.
    A 4 x 1 widget that shows the first four counters and the total of the first four counts.
    A 2 x 2 widget that shows a single counter that can be selected.

    - Timer.
    Single button to start and pause the counter. Long press the same button to reset. Keeps track of time even when the app is closed.

    + Simple click counter application
    + Multiple counters for counting multiple items.
    + Use volume button to count.
    + UI - single counter, list of counters, landscape view
    + Set initial and increment values for each counter.
    + Sound and vibrate options.
    + Text to speech
    + Badge feature
    + Lock screen feature
    + Option to keep the screen on.
    + Remembers last counted value.
    + Light and dark counter theme
    + A simple tally counter pro.

    + Use fling gesture to switch between counters.
    + Landscape view shows multiple counters.
    + Multiple counters in portrait mode shown as a list.
    + Left and right handed operation (Applies to the list view).

    - E-mail counter data

    Change Logs
    Version 6.0.9
    - Bug Fixes.

    Version 6.0.8
    - Bug Fixes.

    Version 6.0.7
    - Fixed reset all issue.

    Version 6.0.6
    - Removed Like us button from feature display screen and added get a free quote button.
    - Removed in app billing permission.

    Version 6.0.5
    - fixed crash on home screen (time format issue).

    Version 6.0.4
    - Added Update Check Function with API call
    - Added Dialog to display version details

    Version 6.0.3
    - Reduce font size on counter list screen
    - removed green background on dark theme

    Version 6.0.2
    - Added Lock Screen Feature
    - Flat Color Button to Rounded Color button
    - Added Title Header for Badge Spinner in preference
    - Add toast for lock button click on counter list and landscape view
    - Added alert dialog for display feature
    - Added back menu button on counter list

    Added support for Android Smart Watch.

    + Watch app for T Counter Pro
    + Count up, down and reset counter conveniently from your watch
    + Swipe to switch between multiple counters

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