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Tablet Surveyor

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    This app is a tablet version of the popular Pocket Surveyor app. It is meant for the Nexus 7 tablet and will not fit on a smartphone screen.

    The app calculates area and perimeter and creates a rough 'metes-and-bounds' property description, similar to a plot plan, for irregular-shaped properties which are traced on a map or paced. The bearing of each edge is shown.

    The app can be used 'in the field' using GPS locations to tag corners, or used remotely to quickly construct an approximate plot description without visiting the site.

    The resulting property description shows the lat/long coordinates and elevation for each corner, and the length of each edge and its bearing in decimal degrees from True north. The elevation of each corner can (optionally) be recorded.

    Maps and property descriptions from past surveys can be stored on the SD card and retrieved later from a dropdown menu.

    The app can be used to help find a lost corner based on a survey plan, or else to check which side of a known property line that you happen to be standing.

    There is an option to check sunset, sunrise and True Noon times and view their alignments on the map.

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