Tagbook is an APP designed for collecting and managing IN Tags. After installing Tagbook, you will be able to use all of the features and functionalities for any IN tag.

    After you have completed the installation of Tagbook, you only need to create an account and you are ready to use the application. Even if you replace your mobile phone, Tagbook will automatically synchronize your account information with your new device.

    Tagbook IN tags support multiple input methods, such as QR code scanning, audio code scanning, or you can manually input the IN tag number.

    It also supports a variety of ways to share information such as QR code scanning, audio code scanning, NFC chip reading or writing, and copying links.

    Current IN tag categories include: membership IN tags, corporate IN tags, business card IN tags, list IN tags, voting IN tags, product IN tags, and more than twenty other IN Tag services.

    IN tags can be used in a variety of commercial applications and implementation of a new O2O model marketing strategy and has proven to be a more cost-efficient solution.

    Key Features:
    1. IN tag collection and management
    2. QR Code Scanning and Sharing
    3. Audion Code Scanning and Sharing
    4. Unique Page Caching Technology
    5. Supports Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) technology
    6. Supports NFC chip reading or writing
    7. Browse IN tags by category
    8. Automatic Message Notification Service

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