Take Off Clothes Unlock




    Have you ever seen this kind of screen lock?
    Take off the clothes of the kids and the screen will be unlocked.
    Easy and funny screen lock!

    When the screen is locked,you will see a kid shaking his head on the main interface.
    Very happy.
    He is wearing the green clothes which is the key to unlock the screen.
    Pull down the green clothes and the screen is unlocked.
    During this process,please pay attention to the facial expression and action of the kid.
    The kid is very shy so when you take off his clothes,he will cover his naked body with hands.
    At the same time,a sign NO will come up which means don't touch my clothes.

    Of course,before you lock your phone screen,you could make some settings for it.
    ---First,you should enable the screen lock in the locker settings.

    ---It also allows you to open the sound and vibration effect here.

    ---It supports full lock screen for better visual effect.

    ---Of course,you could also select to expand the status bar acoording to your need.

    ---There is a shortcut key to unlock the screen.It has no relationship with the clothes of the kids.
    You just need to press the "Find " button and the screen will be unlocked.


    1.This is a funny and free screen lock.

    2.The way to unlock screen is extremely interesting and novel.Take off the clothes of the kid.

    3.Optimized for the Android phones and tablets.

    4.Two unlocking methods :one is to pull down the clothes of kid and the other is to use the shortcut key "Find".

    5.It has great and user-friendly user interface.

    6.It will bring a lot of fun for your life.

    7.Enjoy it.

    Please support us by giving the screen lock 5 stars.
    But if you have any question or suggestion,please email us!!!

    Have a good time!

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