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    Talk to the Deaf

    is a application (Multilanguage) for deaf people, allowing a deaf person to communicate with a hearing person.

    The technologies used are TTS (Text To Speech) and Voice Recognition provided by Google.

    The app consists of a 'chat' which converts written text into audio so that it can be listened
    from hearing person, and in the same time converts audio to text that is read on the same chat.

    Basically it works like a chat by the side of deaf people, and as a voice synthesizer on the side of hearing people

    Dialog takes place as among hearing people. It 'important not to use excessively long sentences and do not speak too fast.

    In addition, to speed up the dialogue you can select the recurring phrases, without having to type.The recurring phrases used are created with a special editor made ​​available by 'app, in order to have the maximum customization.

    The app consists of three parts:

    Talk is the main part of the app, and can be used in two ways, in the "Standard" mode in which there is a dialogue between two persons, or in a "TTS" in which the app is only used to synthesize single phrases (no need to be connected to the network).
    In "Standard" mode you must have an internet connection (wifi or phone). To make it more practical and simple dialog is recommended that you use the headset on the device.

    Editor is the tool to create a list of recurring phrases to be used later in the dialogues.

    Setting allows you to select the languages of the speech recognizer and the speech synthesizer. The default values are those of the device.

    On devices with OS version higher than Lollipop it is necessary to grant archiving and microphone permissions (Settings-> App-> Talk to the deaf-> Authorization-> Archiving \ Microphone).

    On some devices "Google Now" may interfere with the application, in this case you need to disable "Google Now" (Apps -> Settings -> Assistance and voice input-> Apps Support-> Settings "Ok Google" detection).

    Please purchase this application only after testing the free trial version.

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