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    In the morning, your boss assigned you several tasks. You accepted them but every task having limited time. You have to finish one and then do the next one. You may forget the time when you pay all attention to one task. The situation will be better if you can be warned when one task’s time is up. No one can you find to warn you because every one has his task.

    Don’t worry! Task Warner can help you solve this problem. It is a free app which can be installed on your mobile phone so that it is easy to take. You can use it any where and any time.

    In order to solve your problem, you had better know how to use this app.

    1. There is nothing on the first page when you open Task Warner. You need to touch the MENU button to add the task you need to do.

    2. After you click the MENU button, another page appears and you can start add task now. In this page, first you should set the start time of the page, and then you ought to choose the time that the task need.

    3. If you see something reminding information when you are warned, you will know what you will do next step. Task Warner allows you input a short message and show it to you when it warns you.

    4. You can choose the audio of warning. There are several ringtones provided for you to choose. When one task time is over, you will hear the ringtone.

    5. After you finish the setting, don’t forget touch the ENABLE. And you should touch the ADD TIMER. In this way, you will be warned when one task is over.

    6. You can add different tasks’ time in several times. Therefore, you will be reminded when every task’s time is up.

    7. If you feel that this app can give you a hand in your work, please give it five stars. If you need more service in this app, you can send your need to me and I will improve this app.

    Task Warner is a good helper in work. Every day you have different tasks and you usually make a list for them. However, you will not be remind when one task’ time is up. This may result in bad effects to you.

    If you use Task Warner, you will forget any task and you can be warned when the time is over. You will find that this app is very useful.

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