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    #A real time, full graphic, system monitor that provides,

    0. Built on top of TaskSpy Lite, added recording and playback.
    1. General system information, such as manufacture, OS version, CPU type, device sub systems.
    2. A running process's performance, such as app's CPU load, thread count, memory usage.
    3. A group of system performance counters, such as total CPU load, CPU load on individual core for dual or quad core devices, memory usage, network traffic, Wifi signal strength, and battery.

    #It features,

    1. Display performance data in graphic charts during the last 20 minutes.
    2. Charts can be shown or hidden individually.
    3. Record to SD card (up to 8 hour long) and later load back for off-line analysis.

    #How to use,
    1. Display charts automatically at start up.
    2. "Live" button to switch between live capture mode and off-line analysis mode.
    3. "Record" button in live mode to record data to SD card. "Load" button in off-line mode load the data for playback.
    4. Either horizontal or vertical scroll to see more charts.
    5. Swipe on each chart to view early data.
    6. Tap on "?" button to find description of each color curve. Tap on "x" button to close the chart. Tap on a lock-like icon to freeze scroll on Current Process Pane so that you can do swipe horizontally to see early process data.
    7. Tap on "Change" button to switch to another process for monitoring
    8. Use Shown/Hide Pane menu item to show or hide each charts.

    Enjoy the tool. If you need EVEN MORE power features, please look at its sibling TaskSpy Deluxe

    We can also be reached through Facebook,

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