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    *****ROOT NEEDED*******

    A single app to control your Tegra3 and Tegra 4 (Check Recent Changes). This tool will enable you to save power or switch to performance on fly. It covers safety features of master boot to enable/ disable your boot settings. Designed in a way that is look different than most market overclocking tools and provide easy to use interface. It can be very effective for those who are frustrated of heat problems or battery drain issues. For gamers it pack an FPS lock that help to get consistent Frame rate while saving battery when Gaming !!

    This app is easy to use and DO NOT REQUIRE YOU TO BE A GEEK, even a noob can control everything GUARANTEED* !
    *If he learn to get rooted first.

    Gunner Clarke
    Ioannis Predaris


    *First time ever on android device: 120Hz or blur buster mod that makes your device smoothest of all GUARANTEED! Also included is nvidia Shield mod that increases its processor performance and is even visible in benchmarks with a huge margin. Try yourself to believe!

    **Works like a charm even on any Tegra 3 and Tegra 4 device**

    ***Profile Widgets
    ** Allows you to lock FPS(Frames per Second) which in turn saves battery for gamers and non gamers alike(minimum 40 recommended) and now from 1.5.6 you can switch to 30 FPS mode on fly!
    * Select number of cores!
    * The show stealer Low Power Core Control!!!
    * SetCpu clock control
    * GPU Overclock (From v 1.4 supports GPU/ CPU unlinking and freedom with GPU overclock !! )
    *Added 50, 100, 150Mhz frequencies to GPU for power saving purpose. Default lowest was 200Mhz!!
    * Ram Underclock (use it to save battery. It makes things laggy but not noticeable in light gaming, Gamers rejoice!)
    * Undervolting
    * SD cache
    * Out Of Memory Management ( OOM )
    * Nvidia Prism Toggle Control (Special Brightness Cutter solution!)
    *Tegra Thermal Guard ( Can now control throttling on Tegra3 phones and tablets )
    *Vibrator strength control
    *Max CPU Temperature logging.
    *Time in States.
    * Some Misc Tweaks + more upcoming.....

    Guaranteed to work better than even most famed system tuner , No-frills CPU Control apps as these are generic applications while Tegra Overclock contains more settings and control even over Trickster mod. All in a nutshell if you have a TEGRA 3 Processor then you have come to right place.

    This is Tegra Overlclock (meant for Tegra 3 devices) and not Tegrak Overclock (meant for samsung devices).

    We strictly discourage using pirated apps and or even cracked stuff. So if the app is used on a modded Google Play store that will not work! Use original stuff, pay a little for the efforts and you will enjoy the experience.

    If the app says "NOT LICENSED" , try this:
    1> Grant root permission permanent as this cause conflict with the app dialog for the very first time in rare case.

    2>If you face any other issue like retry message even when you have a good internet connection then try clearing the data of Play Sore App (settings > apps > all > play store > clear data)

    or even try uninstalling and re installing the Play store update from the same path! Also quitting and reopening the app may solve the issue of BUTTON NOT WORKING/ License not Acquired issue as it happens only when an error occurs during license.

    3> Contact the Developers directly

    IMPORTANT * Please Read
    From v 1.2 Tegra Overclock will work on all Tegra 3 devices regardless of Kernel used. Still keep in mind that some of the features and GPU Overclocking(above 416Mhz) are kernel specific.

    About Refunds:
    Just uninstall it within 15 minutes from time of purchase and get an automatic refund and if you missed somehow then Contact us and we will refund you. That's a Genuine Promise.

    Thanks for Reading!

    For Refund, any queries and support mail to: with subject including app name and order number if application was paid.

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