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    Camera measure: Telemeter is a bundle of tools for outdoor and indoor measurements for Android OS. The tools complement each other and are useful in such areas as distance measure, moving (use spirit level tool to adjust laundry machine), layout design, construction, room measurement and planning, house and room decoration and furnishing, trips and so on, where quick estimation of object dimensions, distance and size, orientation and exact horizontal, vertical or angular alignment are needed. Sometimes a traditional ruler or tape are very difficult to apply for long distances or big objects measurements. Telemeter is a very handy solution that can immediately estimate all these values for you using camera measure technique.

    - Telemeter Tool: quick remote distance estimation without reference objects using only a camera measure.
    - SpiritLevel3D Tool: distant object alignment and tilt measurement using a camera.
    - Lines Tool: vertical and horizontal reference lines, that can be used for horizontal or vertical object alignment and tilt elimination.
    - Augmented Compass Tool: orientation detection in the room or space for better room planning, angle measurements, electromagnetic interference and metal detection.
    - Angle Tool: measure and mark angles in vertical and horizontal planes.
    - Calibration Tool: calibrate your phone before measurements.
    - Unit Converter: convert results into different length or area units.
    - Detailed help

    The distinctive feature of the Telemeter Tool is two options:
    - Hand-mode
    - Stand-mode

    Choose Hand-Mode when the exact height of the camera is unknown and you are on the ground holding the device in you hands.
    Enter your height and smart algorithm estimates the camera height. You don't need to enter the exact camera height, as required in other applications. Since you know your height exactly, you can start measurements immediately. This is an advantage of using Hand-mode. This mode requires to hold and move your camera as shown in measurement guide that is included in the app.

    If the exact height of the camera from the ground is known, Stand-Mode is to be used.
    Stand-mode doesn't make any assumption about your position. Exact camera height leads to more accurate measurement results. You can use this mode in different situations or build your own camera measurement setup.
    Measurements can be conducted in metric and imperial units: feet, meters, inches. Angles are measured in degrees.

    With the Telemeter you can measure:
    - distance from you (observer) to an object
    - distance between points in direction 'from an observer'
    - distance between two points in a plane
    - object dimensions (depth, height, width, length)
    - height from the ground level
    - height of big objects or a person
    - angles between planes (e.g. between two walls)
    - angles between two orientations in the space
    - angles in horizontal or vertical planes

    You can also use Telemeter for:
    - object alignment
    - tilt measurement or elimination, pitch gauge
    - checking orientation in space (cardinal directions)
    - electromagnetic interference and metal detection
    - marking a plane for object placement (e.g. a wall for pictures and shelves mounting)

    Please try also Partometer - camera measure App, that uses common reference objects for measurements.
    For long distance you can try Distance2Meter - camera measure that uses motion for distance measurement. You can measure distances in hundred meters range with good accuracy.

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