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    Published: 2012-11-08, by .

    Temporary Lock helps you to keep nosy and jokers away from your smartphone

    • Original and useful
    • Ease of use
    • Widget are missing in this free version

    "Device protected... for a while"

    Are your fed up of your kids messing up with your phone? Or maybe your friends are always gossiping your messages or even changing your ringtone for shaming ones. There's a way to avoid all of that: Temporary Lock.

    Yes, it's true that there are stock pattern and PIN for unlocking your device, and that's what Temporary Lock does. However, it's annoying when you have to choose between a stunning swipe lock screen and a useful yet ugly and uncomfortable pattern/pin. Temporary allows you to set a PIN just when you leave your phone unattended and disable it when you don't need such protection. That's Temporary Lock's plus point. Correct PIN will turn app off until next use.

    First run of the app will pre-set the PIN number and activate device adminsitrador. When you leave your phone, just launch Temporary Lock and press the lock icon to activate it. Widgets would be faster and more accessible, however, they're only available in PRO version.

    A simple yet useful app to protect your device from nosy while keeping your stunning swipe screen locker.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Nov 08, 2012


    Keep your secrets safe! Lock your phone as you need, using a preset PIN number. Enter your PIN and the lock will turn off, setting phone back to Swipe lock-screen.

    - Stop friends / workmates being nosey.
    - Protect phone while it is left unattended.
    - Lock young children out of phone.
    - Stop phone unlocking and making calls while in pocket / bag.

    Use Temporary Lock the ‘one off’ times that you need to lock your phone.
    If you already use a PIN or password this will save you entering it everytime you pick up your phone.

    ** Please remember: You must uninstall the TRIAL if purchasing the PRO version!

    Uninstallation / removal instructions:
    Goto: Android Settings - Security - Device Administrators.
    Un-tick ‘Temporary Lock’. Then uninstall app like normal.

    First run of the app will pre-set the PIN number and "ACTIVATE" device administrator.

    {Press return / back button to skip past nag screen in the trial}

    Please be kind and rate the Trial '5 stars', We appreciate your support, Thank you. Dont delay, download today!

    Email any issues or comments to us and we will reply within 24hrs maximum. We really do care!
    Patent Approved September 3rd 2012

    ** Some Android models (HTC sense in particular) have an extra Android setting to delay the lock. Please perform the following if the lock does not activate properly:
    Go to: - Android / Phone Settings - Security - Set up screen lock - PIN (now enter desired PIN)
    Then go to: - Android / Phone Settings - Security - Lock Phone After - select 'Immediately' (Sorry for the inconvenience)

    Requires the following Administrator Permissions
    -Reset Password
    -Force Lock

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